My Botanic Life Floral Design

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s lush and verdant east, My Botanic Life Floral Design stands as a charming boutique studio that crafts exquisite and genuine floral creations for weddings and events.

Bloomy Days

Bloomy Days, a dried flower studio based in Ballarat, is dedicated to the art of wedding flowers and resin flower preservation.


Wildblooms is a Melbourne-based floral studio, specialising in unique floral arrangements, designed specifically for your wedding or event.

Floral Impressions

Bride In Bloom Flowers come and go with the seasons, so before you decide on the perfect variety for your wedding day, you will need to determine whether it’s even in bloom. Here, Cloé Timperley speaks with Kathleen Farrell, the owner of Floral Impressions, about the...