Botanical Beauty – Wedding Flowers

For a vibrant twist in the world of wedding flowers, Millicent Bishop explores the exciting trend of using non-traditional plants to invigorate your wedding bouquet. On their own or paired with more conventional blooms, these unique plants are beautiful. Be it Succulents, fungi or even ferns, these daring combinations will be a hit with the offbeat bride.

On your wedding day, your wedding flowers should be as unique as your love. These eclectic combinations are sure to create a look that is both timeless and fresh. Why not think outside the box and use seasonal plants that reflect your personal style? By using unique blooms and fruits, you can easily create an organic, elemental feel. While by experimenting with fabulous local flora, your bouquet is sure to emphasise your theme and complement your venue.

You’ll have plenty of favoured flowers vying for inclusion in your final floral arrangement. Especially if you’re inspired by the bouquets of your mother or grandmother or have been dreaming of your wedding day for years. Plants can represent sentimentality and embody memories. For example, people and places you and your groom-to-be have experienced on the journey to your big day. These fresh ideas will combine your longing to include a family favourite or a traditional bloom. As well as your desire to be on-trend while showcasing your unique personality and style.

Here, we explore the hottest trend for modern bouquets also how these amazing embellishments can make your arrangements truly shine.


In Season

This season, bouquets go beyond simple flower arrangements with beautiful, fresh textures and even personal artefacts making an appearance. With so many raw elements to choose from, if you want to evoke an organic vibe, there’s a lot to consider. If working with foliage, fruits or vegetables, it’s best to choose ones that are in season and easily available.  Of course, you can add jaw-dropping non-traditional embellishments to surround your favourite flowers and foliage. For example roses and baby’s breath. Plants like succulents and natural forms like shells also look great when used together. This mirrors the beauty and diversity of a traditional floral bouquet.


Succulent Love

Succulents evoke beautiful cool tones and can provide a lasting reminder of your special day. They are also perfect in a terrarium. You can watch them as they grow, to commemorate your day! Thanks to the many varieties of different colours, sizes and textures available year-round, a bursting bouquet made up of gorgeous, diverse plants is always an eye-catching option. Echeveria, a flower-shaped succulent with lovely fleshy ‘petals’, is always a good option, as it matches almost any arrangement. Available in many different colours, from pale green to deep purple, this plant mimics the shape and size of traditional blooms with a unique green twist.


Winter Wonderland

For a wedding in cooler months, mushrooms and pine cones with crisp greens are an inspired choice. This is especially great for an adventurous bride. With warmer-toned winter blooms and foliage, wedding flowers made up of classic toadstools and elegant oyster mushrooms, or a cluster of tiny buttonhole pine cones can embody both the season.  Boston ferns and tree fern fronds also evoke an inspiring rainforest vibe. Their lacy foliage can be charming when paired with delicate feminine accessories.

Another option for a striking wintry bouquet is berries. Non-edible berries, like the dynamic red hypericum, add a dash of texture and shine to any arrangement. While favourites such as raspberries and blueberries are a great way to evoke warm, homely vibes with a delicious twist when popped in between dense winter foliage.


Bush Bride

Using plants that reflect the environment in which you’ve chosen to hold your wedding can greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the whole day. If you’ve chosen a more rural setting for your nuptials, flashes of distinctly native flora throughout your wedding flowers can add an authentic feel. Try using gumnuts and colourful wattle to enhance the rustic, natural theme of a country wedding. The foliage from eucalyptus plants is also a popular choice to fill out an arrangement. They make more colourful blooms pop against its subtle tones and smooth texture.

For another rustic option, consider using edible plants to offset your flowers. These give off a fresh and familiar aroma. Also, their unique, architectural shapes create a bouquet with a difference. With classic blooms, dramatic vegetables like the ornate artichoke and fragrant herbs like rosemary, thyme or sage make a great pair. Such as baby’s breath and small roses for an elegant fusion of tradition and quirk.


By The Seaside

As a beach bride, you can enhance your laidback aesthetic with a bouquet crafted out beach themed items. For example shells, starfish, seaside daisy or even ethically-sourced coral. Combine the cool tones of coastal flora with the soft pastel hues of traditional flowers for a sweet, feminine look. For a tropical wedding, try incorporating the classic and funky monstera leaf. With its iconic shape and colour, this large tropical leaf will add a stunning pop of lime green that is perfect when paired with warmer-toned, summery plants such as lily and hibiscus.



These quirky pairings can really highlight the special interests and uniqueness of any couple. The eclectic combinations of experimental and classic elements will be especially appealing for the discerning non-traditional bride. However, it is important to remember to make your aesthetic consistent. Use succulents and other greenery as table arrangements, or embellish your headpiece with shells! Best of all, these ideas can easily be replicated in miniature for use as corsages or in buttonholes.

Consider plants that mirror the shape and quality of flowers. Pine cones, artichokes and certain succulents, for example, embody the traditional flower shape while presenting luxurious new textures that are destined to impress.