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Ziva Wedding Dresses

Ziva Wedding Dresses

MELBOURNE Bridal Fashion

Ziva Wedding Dresses can bring your dream wedding gown to life, creating you something unique for your special day without breaking the budget. 

Through the exclusive, online boutique, you can express your vision, personality and style to the team so they can create a custom gown that reflects you. The dress will be made from only the highest quality fabrics to perfectly fit your measurements by experienced dressmakers. 

To discover how you can get a stylish yet affordable dress for your special day, visit Ziva Wedding Dresses’ website or stop by the Wedding & Bride Expo to discuss your ideas in person.


Image courtesy of Lorena Rabbani 




Ziva Wedding Dresses


Ziva Wedding Dresses

Tel: (03) 8618 6811
Website: www.zivaweddingdresses.com.au