Wedding Stationery - Thank you cards

Wedding Stationery – THE PERFECT THANK YOU

Thank you cards are a simple yet thoughtful way to ensure everyone who shared in your special day knows how grateful you are. Amelia Knapman looks at the art behind sending the perfect thank you card.

For as long as I can remember, my mum has made me send thank you cards. I have since carried on the tradition, and I now love sending and receiving them, and often get a warm feeling when a little note of thanks is popped through the letterbox from a friend or family member who has loved a gift I gave them.

Saying thank you is one of the oldest ways to express gratitude and display good manners. We use our ‘Ps and Qs’ every day and a simple ‘thank you’ can put a smile on any face, any day.

The tradition of sending thank you cards dates back to the early 1800s when the postage stamp was invented. As letters became easier to send, it was considered good etiquette to send notes and cards as a way of articulating appreciation.

There are many different styles of thank you cards available today, and choosing the right style is just as important as choosing the rest of your wedding stationery. To help ensure you thank your guests just as they deserve, here are some helpful hints.


After the whirlwind of your wedding and the excitement of your honeymoon, when you finally return home to your newly married life, the last thing you may want to do is sit down and write a few hundred thank you cards. However, it is important to send them so that your guests know that you appreciate the time, effort and money that they put towards choosing your gift.

Whether you had a grand, lavish affair that leaves you greeted by a mountain of gifts that will put a department store to shame, or you had a smaller soiree with a more modest selection of offerings, it is imperative that you remember what each guest gave you.

Getting organised is the key, so while you open all the presents and cards, keep a notepad nearby and write down what each guest gave you. If they gave you money, you can also record the amount they gave.

Time is of the essence when sending out thank you cards, so don’t leave it too late, or you may never get around to it. If you can, send them as soon as possible after your wedding, otherwise it is considered good etiquette to send them within two months.


Using a photo of you and your husband on your wedding day is a lovely way to give your guests a keepsake and say thank you at the same time. You can even use a collection of photos to create a collage of your favourite pictures on one card, or use an image of the guests!

Whether through your photographer, stationery vendor or a separate business, there are many ways to easily create photo cards and each will allow you to be imaginative and have some fun. There are a range of different templates that you can choose from, from the simple and suave to the daring and different!

An inspired idea that is proving popular with newlyweds is to have a photo taken especially for your thank you cards. Whether at the wedding or at a post-wedding photo shoot, many couples are using chalk-boards to write messages to their guests. If you don’t want to hold a chalkboard, there are many other creative ways to say thank you in a ready-made photo of you and your partner.


If you are a super-organised bride and like everything matching, then you should align your thank you cards with your wedding stationery. If you’ve had your invitations made, then order your thank you cards at the same time. That way, they will be ready and waiting for you after your honeymoon and you can send them right away.

If you’re a creative bride and you made your invitations yourself, then you could also hand-make your thank you cards. You can keep them exactly the same as your invites or use the same theme, but get imaginative. If you’ve used lace or ribbons, maybe style them in different ways to create an alternative look.

Another way to stick to your theme is to use your colour scheme. Even if your thank you cards are different to the rest of your wedding stationery, using the same colour scheme will tie it all together nicely.


While you may come up with some nice copy to write across all cards, your guests will appreciate a personal touch, so it is nice to mention their gift in your card and mention how you will use it.

For example, write “thank you for the beautiful picture frame; we can’t wait to display one of our wedding pictures in it”. If you have received money, it is considered good etiquette not to mention the amount. Instead, refer to how you may spend the money, whether that will be towards a new house deposit, a home renovation or a new car.

It is also nice to include a special thanks to those who helped you with the planning of your wedding. If your best friend sat up until the early hours glueing thousands of Swarovski crystals to your place cards, make sure you mention this. If your parents have contributed towards the cost of your wedding, now is the time to thank them.

Whichever way you choose to say it, remember that your thank you cards will give your guests a reminder of your wedding day, so make sure you leave a lasting impression.