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Urmy’s Cakes

Urmy’s Cakes was founded in 2012 by Urmylla. Passionate about baking and as a vegetarian living in Australia, Urmy’s Cakes was created from a desire to bring delicious, beautiful cakes to those with dietary restrictions. Since its inception the company has grown in size and now offers a range of vegan cake mixes for intrepid bakers to make from the comfort of their own home. Urmy’s Cakes offers a selection of gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free cakes in a range of delicious flavours. Urmylla is honoured and eternally grateful to all couples who choose Urmy’s Cakes therefore allowing it to contribute to their special day. Each cake is made to your specifications, making it truly unique to you and given Urmy’s Cakes has won many awards at the Royal Perth Show for cake decorating, you can rest assured knowing Urmy’s Cakes will exceed your expectations.




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Urmy’s Cakes


Mobile: 0499 031 767
Email: urmyscakes@gmail.com
Website: www.urmyscakes.com.au