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The Teeth Whitener

The Teeth Whitener

PERTH Beauty & Wellbeing

As a cosmetic teeth whitening specialist, The Teeth Whitener provides a safe and effective way to brighten your pearly whites before your big day. Group bookings are available, and all treatments are enjoyed from the comfort of deluxe massage chairs, so you can gather your bridal party for a fun and relaxing teeth-whitening experience.

Visit the modern salon centrally located on Hay Street in Subiaco or stop by the Western Australia Wedding & Bride Expo to speak with a technician about how you can achieve your brightest smile, before the happiest day of your life.




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The Teeth Whitener

Mobile: 0451 004 344
Email: info@theteethwhitener.com.au
Website: www.thetheethwhitener.com.au

The Teeth Whitener