Renee Tania Jewellery

Renee Tania Jewellery, a reputable jeweller based in Perth, specialises in crafting exquisite custom-designed pieces using premium gold, diamonds, gemstones and pearls sourced from top-notch suppliers.

Artelia Jewellers

Artelia is a second generation jewellery house founded by our passion for unique, personal and exceptional quality jewellery. Our background in manufacturing

Franco Jewellers

Franco Jewellers was established in 1968 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious jewellery firms in Melbourne.

Lord Coconut

Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only retailer and online boutique that represents more than 40 Australian-based jewellers.

Wayne Lynch Jewellers

For over four decades, Wayne Lynch has transformed the treasures of the earth into objects of rare beauty. Precious metals and stones are used to create jewellery of classic and contemporary design.