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Styled By Britt Higgins – INTIMO

MELBOURNE Bridal Lingerie

Experience the transformative INTIMO FitMe® journey tailored for women, offering a boost of confidence, tranquility and readiness every time they explore their wardrobe. Originating in 1995, the company’s foundation revolves around exceptional service, believing that every woman deserves access to comfortable, supportive and elegant bras. INTIMO’s capsule solutions seamlessly merge Lingerie and Livewear®, ensuring comfort at every layer and simplifying women’s dressing with versatile looks that endure across seasons. With her expertise in fitting and personalised styling, Britt Higgins provides clients with a warm, approachable and expert service. For further details or to schedule a FitMe® appointment, reach out to Britt.




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Styled By Britt Higgins – INTIMO

Mobile: 0413 327 546
Email: britt.higgins@intimo.com.au
Website: www.fittedbybritthiggins.as.me