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Soul Sista Jewellery

SoulSista Jewellery

Stunning Jewellery and Spiritual Accessories in Melbourne

Add a touch of spirituality to your special day with SoulSista crystal candles, silver jewellery and more. Use them for bombonieres, bridesmaids gifts, or just to spoil yourself and your family!

SoulSista acknowledges that all gemstones are formed naturally and resurface from deep within the earth’s mantle. The team at SoulSista then turn those natural stones into semi-precious jewellery, beauty tools, candles and much more. SoulSista believes that humans are much like these fine treasures – just going about our daily lives. With its jewellery, crystal elixir water bottles, candles, grids, and much more, it is possible to change the direction of the path you walk, with the hope that the destination is worth it! SoulSista strives to empower the people that wear its jewellery or keep the gemstones at home, allowing its clients to express their individuality.

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SoulSista Jewellery

221A Blyth Street,
Brunswick East

Tel: 0430 049 747
Email: soulsistajewellery@gmail.com
Website: www.soulsistajewellery.com