Sockret Bakery

Sockret Bakery specialises in high quality treats and desserts. The company uses nothing but high quality and local produce to create beautiful and delicious treats and desserts. It creates wedding cakes, tarts and small goods such as macarons and cookies however the company can also make any other dessert item on request. There are even vegan and gluten free options also. Sockret Bakery’s founder, Jasmin, has extensive training in pastry and have just left my job as Pastry Chef at Vue De Monde to pursue my own business. Sockret Bakery’s tarts are its specialty and they are offered as a unique dessert option for brides that aren’t interested in cakes. You may be asking, Sockret? What kind of name is that? “Sockret” is Swedish for “The Sugar” meaning we are The Sugar Bakery. The company has included some Swedish into the business to honour Jasmin’s background and make it a little more special for them and yourselves.




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Sockret Bakery


Mobile: 0407 688 280