A well-known saying states “Beauty is not eternal,” however, it can be prolonged with the right tools. Maintaining ones beauty is an art, not just a habit. At Samaya Beauty Centre, the team believes in delivering beauty with a conscience. It offers the highest quality makeup services in a setting that is healthier for the environment, the guests, and the staff. Founded in 2012, Samaya Beauty Centre has become one of the leading beauty centres in Australia, providing beauty care that has a low impact on the environment. All services are carried out by highly-qualified and experienced beauticians, led by experienced makeup artist Marcelle who has been in the industry for 14 years. With Samaya Beauty Centre at your side, you can relax knowing your beauty is in good hands.


Samaya Beauty Centre

Tel: (03) 9440 1142
Mobile: 0417 997 287
Email: info@samayabeautycentre.com.au
Website: www.samayabeautycentre.com.au