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Revue Event Portraits

Revue Event Portraits

Have an unforgettable, stand out wedding and treat your guests the way they deserve with a fun, interactive experience that no one in Australia has ever seen. Your wedding is such a rare occasion where all of the people you love most are gathered in one place, looking as beautiful as they ever have. Yet after all the effort they put into looking pretty and getting to the gorgeous venue that you’ve paid for; they often only leave with nothing more than a few snaps on their iPhone. Seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity, right? Revue Event Portraits want to fix that.

With Revue Event Portraits, every single one of your guests will get a tailored studio experience where they will be professionally directed and shot by Revue Event Portrait’s passionate and talented photographer, Mish Winters. Mish brings her years of experience working in the industry with models, actors and actresses. That way, your guests leave with magazine-worthy, digital and printed photos – and have a blast doing it! Level up the night’s entertainment and have your guests take home beautiful single, couple and family portraits that let their personalities shine through and will last a lifetime.





Revue Event Portraits

Mobile: 0404 353 541
Email: kris@revueeventportraits.com