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Scent Lab

Pop-up Scent Lab

The Pop-up scent lab is a mobile scent experience that comes to you!

A party, event or wedding, your guests will be delighted with creating their own scented products such as candles, bath bombs, soaps + more…

The Pop-up scent lab is the perfect addition to any event!

Book our candle making experience and we’ll bring our candle making cart and chandlers on site to help your guests create their own candle, complete with a custom scent and garnishes of their choice!

That’s right… the same in-store experience is now mobile! Or, book a scent experience and we’ll bring a variety of pre-made candles to your event for your guests to explore and choose from… great for branding, marketing or party favours!




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Pop-up Scent Lab

Mobile: 0404 270 520
Email: hello@popupscentlab.com.au

Scent Lab
Scent Lab