Bridal Makeup

Image Credit: XSiGHT Photography & Video


Picture Perfect – Bridal Makeup

Choosing bridal makeup that will look great on camera is essential to looking your best for your wedding. Grace Dobell explores how to select beauty products that look as good in photos as they do in real life.

Your wedding photos are the most important mementos you’ll have from your wedding day. They are also how you will remember the details once your memories start to fade.

One factor that many brides forget is making sure their bridal makeup photographs well. Not just the application, but the products themselves will photograph differently to how they look in real life. To ensure your makeup is picture perfect, choose products with a long-wear stay. Simply follow these simple tips to keep your look flawless.


Making sure you’ve got your skincare routine down pat months before the wedding is crucial to achieving an immaculate look on the day. Ensuring you have clean, clear skin as a base makes it perfectly primed so you can look your best.

Getting a facial before the wedding is a good idea to help improve the texture of your skin. However, try to avoid any aggressive procedures too close to the big day to avoid looking red and blotchy. Likewise, get your eyebrows plucked or waxed at least three days beforehand. Additionally, if you’re getting a fake tan, make sure to do a trial first.


Choosing the right bridal makeup artist is crucial to how you’ll look on the big day. Try to find a makeup artist who specialises in the style you’re looking for. For example, if you want a natural look, choose a stylist with lots of similar makeup examples in their portfolio.

It’s important to do a trial run with your makeup artist to decide on what the look will be on the day. If possible, conduct the trial during the daytime, and take some practice photographs both in natural light and inside with the flash. This will ensure your makeup looks great in the mirror and in the photographs you’ll be keeping forever.

Unless you decide to do your makeup yourself, getting a professional to do your makeup is a treat that you probably won’t indulge in often. Putting your trust in the makeup artist to give you the best look possible will mean you’ll emerge looking stunning, but still recognisable!


Depending on whether your wedding is during the day or at night will partially determine your look. Makeup photographs well during the day, but natural looks with soft eyes and lips are kinder to the eye. At night, makeup needs to photograph well with a flash, so it’s important to be shine-free throughout the evening. Using a light translucent powder and bringing a small packet of makeup blotting tissues will help keep the shine at bay. Bring a few pictures of your wedding dress to the trial to ensure your look matches your dress type. If the style you’re going for is Hollywood glamour or natural beach wedding, match your bridal makeup to your dress and theme so the whole look comes together cohesively.

Makeup will photograph two shades lighter, so choosing bright colours that will stand out in photos can be a good option. You can avoid looking like a clown by focusing on either your eyes or lips – not both.

Whitening your teeth for the big day can make all the difference to your pearly white smile in photographs. To ensure your teeth are sparkling bright, look into procedures a few months beforehand.


Using primer is a must-do for your wedding day. Good primers even out your pores and extend the life of your makeup by hours, making it perfect for photography. Consider using an eye primer as well, to set your eye makeup in place for the whole day.

Get the foundation right and everything else will fall into place. Make sure to choose a long-wearing photo enhanced mix that doesn’t contain SPF. Foundation with sunscreen in it can make you appear washed out in photos. Choose the perfect shade by matching it to your jawline, and don’t forget to extend it down your neck for a full, seamless coverage. A slightly heavier coverage than your everyday look may be required so that no flaws or blemishes show up in photographs.

Always apply concealer after your foundation, and use different shades to properly cover your various problem areas. A green toned concealer will cover red spots, while a rosy pink will make blue under eye circles disappear.

Getting a professional to gently apply a contour to your cheekbones will ensure your face has depth and shape without looking dull in photographs. Using a cream blush will create that glowing dewy look. Whilst a highlighter will brighten certain areas of your face to illuminate and create radiance.

Having perfectly shaped eyebrows that are lightly filled in will ensure your look is polished and refined. Choose a shade one or two shades lighter than your eyebrow hair for a natural look. Alternatively, a few shades darker to emphasise your brows.

Using waterproof eye makeup is vital for your wedding day. This will be an emotional day, and a few tears of joy are likely to escape. Make sure you still look beautiful after a little sob by only choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

False eyelashes do wonders for your fluttering lashes, and single lashes are the most natural and comfortable. To really accentuate your eyes in photographs, false eyelashes are the only way to go.

Finally, finish the look with a light setting spray that will keep your makeup in place for the whole day.

The best trick to looking stunning in your wedding photographs is to be captured with a real smile. So once the makeup has been applied and professionally set to last, relax and enjoy your day, and your happiness will shine through in every shot.