Off the Cuff – Wedding Cufflinks

While you may have already selected your accessories, it’s important to remember the finishing touches for your groom-to-be. Amelia Knapman discovers how to find the perfect wedding cufflinks for your modern-day man.

Cufflinks, decorative clasps worn to fasten the two sides of cuffs on a shirt, are an essential accessory for modern-day grooms who choose to wear shirts with no buttons on the cuffs on their wedding day. The cufflink, however, has existed as a practical and fashionable accessory for hundreds of years.

Dating back to the 17th century, tailors began to fashion the cuffs of shirts with buttons linked together with a chain. Prior to this, men would tie the two ends of the cuffs together with pieces of lace or string and buttons on shirts were used solely for decoration.

Soon fashion-forward men desired a more sophisticated style and would use precious stones and metals on their sleeves. This allowed them to be more creative. The turn of the 19th century saw the start of the manufacturing of mass-produced, low-cost cufflinks. With easy-to-fasten studs and clips replacing chains.

Some shirts are now produced with buttons to fasten cuffs. However, the trend of cufflinks has carried through to today. For formal occasions, including weddings. With so many styles and designs to choose from, wedding cufflinks are an ideal way for grooms to express their personality and individual style. As well as add a stylish element to their ensemble.



As there are so many different styles of cufflinks to choose from, it can be difficult to decode cufflink jargon and choose the best set. A good place to start is to understand the different closing mechanisms.

One of the most common and easiest types of cufflinks on the market today is the bullet back and toggle. The back of this cufflink is shaped like a bullet and is linked with a solid post. The whale back closure is similar to the bullet back and toggle. However, it has a back shaped like a whale’s tail.

A little more decorative, the ball return wedding cufflink has a decorative ball at the back, linked with either a chain or post. The chain link sees the front and back linked by a chain, adding a quirky feature to the standard style.


Once your groom-to-be has chosen the style of cufflinks he is after, he needs to consider if he wants a face that is traditional or more alternative. The options are endless!



If your groom-to-be wants to go for something classic and timeless, there are many traditional-style cufflinks on the market. A good quality silver or gold set is a popular option. Using gold or silver as a base will also allow him to get creative and add different colours or styles.

If he is wearing a coloured tie, waistcoat or cravat, your groom-to-be can also choose cufflinks to match. If he has a plain suit, he can add a splash of colour using different stones or gems to highlight the colour scheme of your day or to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.



If he is more of a fun-loving kind of guy, then his cufflinks can reflect this. There are plenty of informal cufflinks on the market, from cartoon characters to novelty items.

For example, why not choose a style that reflects his hobby or job? If he is a keen sportsman, he could choose little surfboards, footballs or golf balls. If he plays a musical instrument, why not get a miniature version of what he plays or a musical note? He could even use the wedding cufflinks to reflect his heritage; for example a flag, foreign coin or something that represents the country of his origin.



Who says it is only the bride who needs something old, new, borrowed or blue? If you are having a vintage-style wedding, then vintage-inspired cufflinks will be a lovely way to tie the theme together.

An old set of cufflinks borrowed or handed down from his father or grandfather is a lovely idea. Especially if they were worn at their wedding. Another idea is photographs printed on the cufflinks. So you could have an old photograph of his parents or grandparents on their wedding day.



There are numerous ways for your groom-to-be to personalise his cufflinks, and engraving is one option. Many jewellers will offer an engraving service so he can have them engraved. For example, with your names, initials, date of wedding or anything you like!

Engraving the wedding cufflinks is a lovely way to commemorate the day and leaves a charming keepsake from your wedding. When your groom-to-be looks at his cufflinks in future years, he will think affectionately of his wedding day. If you decide to surprise him by buying him cufflinks as a gift, getting something that is personal to you both engraved on the cufflinks will make the surprise extra special.



As well as your groom-to-be, wedding cufflinks are a thoughtful gift for the male members of your wedding party. Choosing matching sets is one idea. Or, you can label each with every male member of the bridal party including the groom, father-of-the-bride, best man and even the page boys. You can even include the people who don’t traditionally have a role in the wedding. For example, like the bride’s brother and groom’s father.


Whatever style of wedding cufflinks your groom-to-be chooses, it is important that they reflect his personality. Just as your jewellery will reflect yours. His cufflinks will be kept forever, so make sure he loves them.