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Northern Lights WA

Light up the night with Northern Light WA’s indoor fireworks. Make your first dance as newlyweds a show stopper, or end the night with a bang as the lights create a scene to behold. All the special effects provided by Northern Lights WA change the atmosphere in the room and are safe to display in any venue. Choose from a range of lighting options to highlight different features or create a magical scene straight out of a storybook. Share your first dance on cloud 9, with Northern Lights WA’s ‘Dancing on cloud’. The company’s professional dry ice machine will cover the dance floor in a thick layer of white fog that won’t rise, giving you the ultimate fairy-tale experience.

Whatever your lighting needs, speak to Northern Lights WA.




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Northern Lights WA

Tel: 0426 488 646
Email: northernlightswa@outlook.com
Website: www.northernlightswa.com