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My Sister's Boudoir

My Sister’s Boudoir

PERTH Bridal Fashion

Ever since its conception in 2013, My Sister’s Boudoir has championed rental fashion. Located in Joondalup Shopping Centre, My Sister’s Boudoir has paved the way for luxury, designer rental fashion. The team believe that the experience of wearing a designer gown shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Driven by its passion for fashion, My Sister’s Boudoir strives to give every single woman that special fairy tale experience with its vast range of timeless gowns. Personal style assistants will help customers find the perfect gown for any and all occasions to create that perfect Cinderella moment and memories that will be cherished forever.




My Sister's Boudoir


My Sister’s Boudoir

Joondalup Lakeside Shopping Centre,
420 Joondalup Drive
Mobile: 0403 824 655
Email: bookings@mysistersboudoir.com | info@mysistersbourdoir.com  
Website: www.mysistersboudoir.com.au