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Experience the ultimate in Gold Class, luxury wedding transportation. Renowned for class, comfort, and safety, Mile High Australia’s range of helicopters and private jets will help you achieve that perfect entrance on your wedding day and impress even the most discerning of guests.

Helicopters are safe, punctual & maintain a standard of care that covers much more than any other form of transport can provide. Perfect for a garden, winery, or outdoor wedding. Imagine the WOW factor of arriving in your personal helicopter, for photos or ceremony.

Mile High Australia prides itself on the company’s renowned high level of professionalism. But most of all, the expert team just want to a part of your wedding day, helping you to make lifelong memories. Looking for something out of the box? Contact Mile High Australia today.

Helicopter prices vary depending on size (number of passengers), type, and time in the air.
**Aircraft are operated under their respective AOC**


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