Wedding planning is no easy feat. It takes time, effort and knowing what you want!


That is why as a bride or groom to be, it’s a good idea to visit a Melbourne Wedding Expo to gather ideas and inspiration. Melbourne Wedding and Bride Brida Expo has all the wedding essentials you need to get the ball rolling – after you’ve set the date of course!  So, what are some things you’ll gain from visiting a Melbourne Wedding Expo? We have some tips for you on what to look out for and a checklist of wedding must-haves.

Starting From Scratch


If you’re a fresh face on the Melbourne Wedding Expo scene, you’re probably wondering where to begin! You may have a few ideas from your favourite rom-com or magazine but what do you actually have to do first?

We recommend creating a list of the wedding essentials, with three main components being the theme, the location and the memories.

1. The Theme


One of the most important and visual aspects of a wedding is the theme. The theme of the wedding spans over the entire celebration, from the location and decorations to the matching bridesmaids’ dresses, makeup and flowers!

The theme sometimes can start at the main wedding location and runs through to the reception. Some brides like to take inspiration from the wedding location itself (e.g. rustic colours from the chapel or an oceanic palette from the beach) and incorporate it into the reception, gown, décor, cake – you name it!

The best way to determine your theme is to make a list of things that you love and what attracts you.

Key factors can include:
• A favourite colour/ a palette of colours
• Seasonal items – wood and candlelight for winter or sea shells and tropical fruits for summer
• Places you enjoy – a rustic cabin, a holiday on the beach or a close and cosy home setting for instance?
• Eras you’re interested in – 20’s has some nice art deco themes and silver and gold palettes, whilst a modern wedding can include tech-based entertainment, photo booths and geometric designs.

From your list, try to mix and match ideas that fit well together and develop a list of colours, designs, shapes and items you could incorporate into the décor and wedding wear.

If you are lost when it comes to ideas or you simply have too many, A Melbourne Wedding Expo is a good place to start gathering ideas. There are many designers and services that can help work with your ideas to create the ultimate wedding. Great services to take a look at at a Melbourne Wedding Expo include florists, makeup and hair artists, entertainers, wedding décor creators, dressmakers and suit tailors.

2. The Location


This is an obvious one – for a wedding to happen, you need a place for it to happen in! Take into consideration the season and time of the wedding (night or day) when thinking about your location.

If you plan on a warm summer wedding, think of a nice outdoor location or an indoor spot with a great view (and plenty of air-conditioning). For a colder winter wedding, a cosy chapel or estate with a crackling fireplace or glowing lanterns is a good idea to have you and your guests happy and warm.

Night and day also plays a role in deciding your location. An outdoor wedding fares much better in the day (as catering for outdoor lighting can get tedious) whilst an indoor wedding can work well at any time!

Once you’ve had a think about what you would prefer, then you can get to searching for your dream wedding spot! Of course, you must decide on a place that makes you feel comfortable and happy above all. But, it’s also a good idea to take into consideration the distance, the price and your guests (how comfortable are they going to be in this location?).

The same goes for the reception. You might want your reception to reflect the design and mood you’ve created in the wedding location – therefore, a connecting space (like a function room off a winery) will do wonders in terms of keeping an ongoing theme. If you don’t mind going from regal wedding to downright party central, you can decide on an alternative location of your choosing, making sure it’s still comfortable and right for you and your guests!

Collect ideas, brochures and pictures and once you’re ready, make a list of all the locations and have a day out to explore! Take family, friends or your hubby-to-be and visit your ideal wedding and reception locations and see how you feel – it’s always best to see things in person, as a picture might not translate the atmosphere of a space.

When you’ve found the right place, you’ll definitely know for sure, as it will reflect the essence and style of a wedding you desire and make you feel right at home!

Some wedding location holders like to pop up at a Melbourne Wedding Expo or two, so be sure to check out their stalls and ask as many questions as possible from the lighting they have available to the bathroom facilities they have for guests– no question is silly!

3. The Memories


With special events, we generally want to relive the magic and memories for years to come. Therefore, a good photographer and videographer is crucial to having those memories captured perfectly. Photos and videos of the wedding taking place is one of the most special and important shots to take, so once you have chosen a photographer, let them know of the location and have a chance on the day to set up for the perfect shots.

Photos and videos of the wedding taking place is one of the most special and important shots to take, so once you have chosen a photographer, let them know of the location and have a chance on the day to set up for the perfect shots. The lighting, space and the time of day is great information to offer your photographer so they will know how to prepare themselves for your special day. You can also bring the photographer along to the reception and get some classic action shots such as the first dance, bouquet toss and the first cake slice!

You can also opt to do some pre-wedding photography. Some couples choose to do ‘first look’ shots, where the bride and groom see each other before the wedding for the first time. The shot beautifully captures loving expressions and give the bride and groom time to compose themselves before the big ceremony.

To keep all photos consistent, chose your favourite photographer and stick with them for all the shoots you need.

Once all the photos have been captured, you can choose to compile your photos into a printed album! This will help keep your photos all in one place and you can design your album book to your taste. Plus, you can print multiple copies for you and your loved ones.
You can find a vast range of photographers a Melbourne Wedding Expo that all have their own individual style and themes! Make sure to ask to see past works to see if they can match your taste and for inspiration for photo shoots!

The Essentials Ticked


Once the three main boxes are checked you can begin to brand out on each of these and work on finer details. The cake, flowers, music, entertainment, food, guests, drinks and limousine hire are still waiting for you to mark as done (and of course, you still have to focus on yourself and your dress, hair and makeup).

Here at Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expo, we aim to make your day a little bit easier to plan by bringing the best designers and caters together to give you a plethora of options.

Make sure to book your tickets for the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo this coming October from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th.