As a bride, you want to be the best version of yourself you can be on your special day.

Once you have your date chosen and the ideas flowing for your dream wedding, you need to decide how you are going to express yourself on the day. How will your gown, makeup and hair represent who you are? A Melbourne Bridal Expo is the place to go for inspiration, ideas and professionals ready to help design your bridal look to perfection. Melbourne Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo is one that has a vast array of industry experts with all the information you need to know!

Without further ado, here are some key things that every bride should keep in mind when walking around a Melbourne Bridal Expo.

The Dress

Do you have a dress in mind? If not, do you know what style of wedding dress you prefer – length, pattern, neckline, colour? Rest assured, all dress queries can be answered at a Melbourne Bridal Expo. As a bride, you should take a look at reputable designers and the work they have done with brides and bridal parties in the past. Certain designers have particular styles that sit well with a set of themes and not with others. Some are modern whilst some have vintage flair.

Have an idea in mind of what attracts you and collect business cards of potential dress designers or sellers. Once you have a definitive list, it will be easier to pick and choose how to feel about particular dresses.

The right dress should be one you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Don’t doubt your gut feeling – if a dress or designer catches your eye at a Melbourne Bridal Expo, gather as much information about them as you can! Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially about sizing, maintainability and movement in the dress.

There are also many great designers that also tailor suits – so why not have your groom’s suit designed with your dress? Having a sole designer on the wedding’s formal-wear keeps the theme you’ve chosen flowing through all the outfits. In terms of the groomsmen or bridesmaids, it’s a good idea to have a colour scheme or theme that you can tie into their outfits also (e.g. warm pink bridesmaid dresses with the groomsmen’s ties incorporating a flush of rose). Some designers will have photos or fabric samples to show you, so you can get inspired!

Hair and Makeup

A wedding theme can run through every aspect of the ceremony and reception – including the hair and makeup of the bride!


A professional makeup artist that is well-versed in the wedding industry and has a good eye for themes and colour choices.

A great way to bring a colour into your look it to ask for coloured eyeshadows or lip colours. For instance, a bold turquoise eye with a nude lip would blend perfectly with a beautiful foam-green theme by the beach. The makeup artist will be able to determine what colour best suits your skin tone and hair, so they can match your eyeshadow or lips as close to your chosen colour palette as possible.

If you have a theme in mind rather than a specific colour (e.g. a warm rustic wedding), you can ask for particular styles of makeup, such as smokey, bold or natural and lightly adjust the shades of browns or greys to suit the theme (a cool grey eyeshadow may seem mismatched in a bright and warm environment).

Whatever style of makeup you prefer, make sure to communicate with your chosen makeup artist about your needs and ideas.
Have a look around the expo at the makeup artists and ask to see past works. If you have any queries about skincare products or certain makeup brands, make sure to ask to avoid any skin allergies later!


A great hair style to match the makeup and dress can really tie everything together. The benefits of splurging on a professional hairstylist is that they understand different hair textures and temperaments so you won’t be fussing over getting your ‘do right!

A Melbourne Bridal Expo has a vast range of different professionals willing to offer their services – especially beauty and hair artists.
If you spot a particular professional that you like the work of, make sure to ask for their social media pages – that is the best place to look at past works and videos of them creating the stunning looks! It will also give you a sense of how long it would take to create certain hairstyles.

They will also be more than happy to discuss styles, products and hair management for the time before, during and after the ceremony.

Make sure to let any potential hired artist know of product allergies or conditions that may have to be considered when creating a wedding hairstyle – some hairdos can get pretty heavy-duty!

Skincare and Beauty

What’s a Melbourne Bridal Expo without skincare and beauty treatments? To add to the importance of your special day, it’s always great to treat yourself healthily with some nourishing treatments beforehand.

From skin care and facial beauty suppliers to eyelash extensions, exhibitors like these like to make an appearance from time to time at bridal expos to offer you the best pre-wedding glow you could imagine!

It’s important to look after your body and skin before your big day – after all, you want to look fresh and flawless.
So put aside some time to pamper yourself (and your friends if they want to come along) to save you any blemishes or worries in the future.


The possibilities are endless at a Melbourne Bridal Expo. There are so many steps to become a blushing bride, so let us at Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expo lighten the load by giving you tons of options all in one place.

Make sure to book your tickets for the Melbourne Wedding and Bride Bridal Expo this coming October from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th.