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Marion Perichon Civil Celebrant

Marion Perichon Civil Celebrant


Enchant your friends and family with the tale of your love, skillfully narrated by the wonderful Marion Perichon. As a registered celebrant deeply ingrained in her community for over three decades, Marion is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring your special day overflows with joy. Whether envisioning an intimate gathering or a vibrant celebration, this passionate and devoted celebrant will make your dream wedding a reality.

Marion’s dedication extends to offering a variety of rituals, such as handfasting, candle lighting, sand ceremonies and more, giving you the freedom to celebrate your love in the most meaningful and personalised way possible. With her warm and caring approach, Marion brings the essence of your love story to life, leaving a lasting impression on all who bear witness to your extraordinary day.




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Marion Perichon Civil Celebrant

Mobile: 0411 135 566
Email: marionperichon.celebrant@gmail.com