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M Town Macarons

M Town Macarons

Exquisite Macarons in Perth

Since its foundation, M Town Macarons has gained an exceptional reputation for providing sumptuous macarons. Within just three months of opening M Town Macarons now sells over 11,000 macarons per week across its locations. M Town Macarons are Macaron Specialists offering more than 40 unique flavours of macarons. The founders, Jay and John, have refined the recipe to create heavenly macarons that will melt in your mouth and tantalise your tastebuds. The secret? Using a smaller butter and sugar ratio than French, Swiss and Italian macarons. Also serving smoothies to compliment the macarons, these delightful treats will make your big day that little bit more special. Each macaron is made to perfection, from the macarons appearance, to its presentation – packaged in beautifully elegant luxury boxes and right down to its taste, every aspect of these divine treats has been meticulously crafted to delight the senses.



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M Town Macaron

63 Aberdeen Street

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Email: hello@mtown.net.au

Website: www.mtown.net.au