Lluis Shoes – The Travelling Shoeman provide a premium mobile shoe experience that brings an impressive range of footwear styles to the modern groom and his groomsmen.

One of the key factor to keep in mind when choosing shoes for your wedding, is that you provide value to you and your groomsmen by choosing styles that can be worn over and over again for work or other special occassions.

Lluis Shoes – The Travelling Shoeman understands how busy your schedule can get when you’re planning your wedding and organising all the groomsmen to be in the one place at the one time; which is why Lluis can work in with each individual from your wedding party.

Lluis Shoes are designed and made with highest quality leathers, components and textures, making these shoes comfortable as well as stylish. Whether you prefer to look suave in casual lace up or want to keep things classic with a fancy brogue, Lluis shoes are designed to impress.


Lluis Shoes – The Travelling Shoeman

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