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Let The Band Play – Wedding Band

When it comes to choosing a wedding band to play at your wedding, make sure you do your research. The entertainment at your reception should fit in with your theme, so it pays to choose carefully, writes Lara Bailey.

All wedding bands are not created equal. Ir may seem like a simple task to book a wedding band for your wedding. But you need to consider whether the band’s style suits you, if the music will be appropriate for your theme and venue, and preferably that yours is not the first wedding the band has played at!

If you approach the band/s you’re considering armed with the right questions, you should be able to find the perfect musician/s to keep your guests entertained. Below is a comprehensive guide to ensure the wedding band you book is perfect for your special day.


Be Vocal

If you haven’t heard a particular band play before, make sure you’re 100 percent clear on the makeup of the group. If you want classic diva power ballads sung at your wedding, you may wish to have a female vocalist, or, on the other hand, a male lead singer may be your preference. Classic duets will be best performed by a male and female vocalist. So check to see if the band you’ve set your sights on can accommodate your needs.


Room To Move

Depending on how grand the band is, you may need space for a drum kit, several guitar players, more than one singer, perhaps a keyboardist and potentially more. While that may set the scene for a great time at your reception, be mindful of the space this requires.

Consult with your selected band to find out what sort of floor space will be required to set up and use the necessary instruments. The last thing you want is to find out that the band doesn’t have enough space! Also, talk to the venue owner and inspect any stage or specified area for the band to play in. Again, it’s best to avoid any nasty surprises on the day.


Size Matters

Another issue can be the actual size of the band. If you choose a small band with a couple of members, it should be simpler to make adequate space for them to perform. But if you enlist a band that has several singers,  they may not achieve the vibe you’re going for. Think carefully about how you want the music to sound! The sort of songs you want to be sung and the type of sound you’re going for and select a band accordingly.


Be Equipped

Members of professional bands will of course have all their own technical and sound equipment. But if your fiancé’s cousin’s wedding gift is having his band perform at the reception and you’re a little weary on their credentials, it never hurts to ask whether they are equipped to perform.

This is especially important if your venue is outdoors. Or if the reception venue is exceptionally large or you have a large number of guests in attendance. You want to make sure everyone can hear and enjoy the music. Again, it’s a good idea to confer with the manager of the venue. As he or she may have a range of equipment that can be used on the day, even if it’s just on hand as a Plan B.


Style Trial

It is highly recommended that you see the band in action before you enlist them for your wedding. You may be tempted to hire the first band you come across. But remember that even though a group may specialise in weddings, it doesn’t mean that group will be right for you.

If your wedding is an austere and highly traditional affair, then a contemporary group that injects jokes in between songs and plays fast tempo modern music may not be the best choice! Shop around for bands that play the sort of songs you want to hear at your wedding. But also perform them in a way that will complement the feel of your day. Leaving a quiet ceremony at a historic church only to walk into a reception with a heavy metal band is probably not the way your nanna wants to remember your wedding day. So book a band that understands your theme.


Not The First Time

Weddings have an ambience and atmosphere all of their own. However, not all bands will necessarily be able to understand and embrace the special nature of weddings. You might be drawn to a particular band because you heard them perform at a concert or special event. But weddings are different altogether. So it’s not ideal that your wedding is a test-run for a band to try out a wedding gig!

If you have your heart set on a group that you know has not played at a wedding, have a good talk to the band members about the direction you’d like the music to take. Make sure the band is comfortable performing the songs you want also. This is equally important even with a band you know and love that has played at weddings before. Every wedding is different! So you deserve a band that fully understands your day and is a vital and positive part of it.


Lock It In

Once you’ve checked out your chosen band’s experience, seen them perform and had a discussion about the songs you want to be performed, you’re all set! Make sure the wedding band fits the style you want and that the band members understand your needs. Choosing the right band will make for a memorable reception. Plus, it will ensure everyone is having a great time on the dance floor at the end of the night!