Just Brides

Just Brides prides itself on its particular attention to detail. The company believes in the beauty of perfection, as if someone is peering through the lens of a camera.

A Home Floral Design Studio is run by Melissa, who loves the continually changing world of floral art. Just Brides’ love for the craft inspires its signature blooms and techniques. Their passion lays in creating breathtaking designs that truly reflect clients’ personalities.

Whether it’s a beautiful bouquet to carry down the aisle, a stunning arbour or archway to marry under, floral decoration or extra styling for the ceremony or reception, Just Brides has you covered with a dedicated detailed eye.

The showroom is open by appointment only. Book your free one-hour consultation today.

Just Brides
35 Second Avenue,
Mobile: 0402 518 110
Email: info@justbrides.com.au
Website: www.justbrides.com.au

Just Brides