Güras Cacao

A fresh face to the game, Güras Cacao have already established itself as an exceptional chocolatier. The company strives to infuse each of its unique and beautiful designs with an amazing amount of flavour, while still allowing the cacao to shine through. Güras Cacao adopts an environmentally conscious philosophy, reflected by its predominantly plant-based menu. Everything is lovingly handmade and the team continuously work to refine each treat’s flavours, ensuring a heavenly bite each time. The company has recently established itself in its new store in Mordialloc – the perfect place to unwind with a hot beverage a delectable treat. Whether you are seeking chocolate, confectionaries or donuts, Güras Cacao will enliven your tastebuds with its carefully curated range of sweet treats and unique flavours.




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Güras Cacao

1/9 Kareela Street

Mobile: 0432 114 283
Email: hello@gurascacao.com
Website: www.gurascacao.com