Bridal Lingerie

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A Good Foundation – Bridal Lingerie

Like finding your husband, when it comes to finding the perfect bridal lingerie, you’ll want something that makes you feel both supported and beautiful. Alexandra Brocklehurst explores the array of different undergarment options to make your dress look its best.

While it might not be the first thing you consider in your bridal ensemble, often what’s under your dress is just as important as the dress itself. The undergarments you choose for your big day will not only help make you feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day but will also help provide support and create the perfect silhouette under your gorgeous gown.

Before You Buy

When shopping for bridal lingerie, make sure you have already chosen your dress. This is because the silhouette and cut of the dress will determine the kind of undergarments you will need. You can even use your dress fitting as an opportunity to ask the dressmaker what kind of undergarments would work.

To ensure you have the most time possible for your bridal lingerie consultation, call the store in advance and make an appointment. Most stores will happily set aside time to fit you. By making an appointment, the store will be better prepared and stocked for your needs. Remember to take images of your dress for the lingerie fitter. It’s probably not essential to bring the actual dress, as the images will provide a good idea of what you need.

Function Over Fashion

Once you’ve chosen your dress and arranged a bridal lingerie fitting, it will then be time to pick your bridal undergarments. Although there will an array of gorgeous choices, purpose is more important than what’s fashionable at this point. While you want to feel beautiful and even a little bit sexy on your wedding day, you’ve got your whole honeymoon to slip into your raciest lingerie. Being comfortable and feeling supported on your wedding day with functional undergarments is the priority.

Bra Business

If you’re smaller chested or wearing a particularly structured gown, you may be getting enough support and shaping to not require a bra whatsoever. However, for those who still want support, you could ask your dressmaker to sew cups into the dress if you have a tricky neckline or strapless silhouette.

Bras come in a range of strapless and convertible options so you should be able to find the right support and style. If you have a halter neck dress, a convertible bra will be the most appropriate. Whereas a strapless bra will work with a sweetheart neckline.

For dresses with thinner or more delicate fabric, try a stick-on option. These are more suited to those with a smaller bust and are also ideal for low back or backless dresses because they will provide support and security while still allowing you to show off your back without a strap cutting across the middle.

Boost Your Bust

Your wedding day is the chance to indulge in everything that fits your style and personality. So, you may want to opt for a bustier or corset. Not sure of the difference between the two? They have slightly different functions: corsets aim to cinch, while a bustier is designed to boost your cleavage. Corsets usually need to be custom-made to fit your shape. While a bustier can simply be chosen off the shelf and fitted with hook-and-eye closures.

For a strapless dress, a bustier offers support but also some shape control. It extends down over the stomach and provides smoothing and shaping so you can worry less if you’re self-conscious of your stomach area. It’s also a great way to feel sexy without being overexposed, as it offers more coverage than a bra.

Intimate Attire

If your dress is voluminous and made from thicker fabric, it gives you the option to pick some underwear that simply makes you feel great. Looking for comfort? Choose your favourite knickers, whatever colour or cut they might be. Want to feel a little sexy? Go for a more racy or adventurous option.

For slim-fitting dresses with thinner material, you may need to wear underwear that is flat so no lines show. A nude coloured thong is probably the best bet in this instance. However, you could wear a lace thong as long as it is made from a seamless flat lace that won’t show through the dress.

If you’re worried about any lumps and bumps showing through your dress, consider opting for shapewear. These days, shapewear is both slimming and beautiful, it’s no longer simply about wearing nude coloured bike shorts! It’s vital that shapewear fits correctly so it is not cutting into any strange places throughout the day.

Final Touches

Stockings might be needed if you’re getting married in a cooler month, especially if you are having photos taken outside. If you are wearing silk thigh-high stockings, a garter belt is a must to avoid any rolling or bunching and to make sure the stockings stay up.

For the princess look, a petticoat will help provide structure to a full skirt. Petticoats and hoops will help hold the skirt in a beautiful bell shape for the complete royal effect. While white or off-white petticoats will complement any dress colour, you could opt for a coloured petticoat to add a pop to the ensemble.

Put It To The Test

Before you purchase your bridal lingerie and undergarments, put them to the test by doing things that you’ll need to do throughout the day. Try sitting down, crossing your legs, standing up, and even do a little dance. Make sure nothing is slipping around or cutting off circulation.

Remember, on your wedding day, you’ll probably be semi-clothed in front of a few more people than just your hubby. Depending on how difficult your dress is to get into, you may be standing in your undergarments in front of your bridesmaids and even your future mother-in-law. Keep this in mind if you’re going for something a little racier under your dress. You’ll also need to be able to go to the bathroom easily – potentially with someone else helping you with your dress.

Finally, if you’re planning on dancing the night away at your reception – it’s a celebration, after all – then you’ll want something that stays in place all night long. Therefore, you can simply forget about your ensemble and just enjoy the night with family and friends.