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Gerona's Gift

Gerona’s Gift

MELBOURNE Wedding Services

Gerona’s Gift is all about helping couples reach their relationship goals in a unique and special way. Having your very own sunflower to build will support you along this journey, no matter what that journey may be.

Your sunflower comes in separate parts for you to put together – each piece of the sunflower marks another milestone achieved. If you’re planning a wedding, these milestones may include booking a venue, finding the perfect dress, or writing your vows. Over the journey, you’ll get to see the sunflower grow, visual representation of how far you have come.

At the end of the journey, whether that’s your wedding day or ceremony, the sunflower will be complete – a reward for all of your achievements and for making it to the final destination.




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Gerona’s Gift

Email: info@geronasgift.com
Website: geronasgift.com

Gerona's Gift