Specialising in custom-made wedding cakes, sculpted cakes, cupcakes and sweet desserts, Frosted Heaven is a small home-based bakery that eschews the storefront typical of commercial bakeries. Instead, Frosted Heaven bakes to order, meaning its cakes are guaranteed fresh from the kitchen every time. Raji, the mastermind behind the company, strives for quality over quantity in the flavours she uses, designing and creating the perfect edible masterpieces with only the highest quality ingredients. In the same way, when it comes to decorations, her passion lies in the art of creating show-stopping creations that will be the centrpeice of your special day. For an affordable cake that looks divine and truly tastes homemade, Frosted Heaven is the perfect option.

Email: inquiry@frostedheaven.com.au

Mobile 0433 181 965

Website: www.frostedheaven.com.au

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