The Flower On The Cake – Wedding Cake

Flowers – whether real, artificial or confectionary – make an elegant and pretty addition to a wedding cake. Lara Bailey looks at the best ways to feature flowers on a wedding cake and the symbolism behind popular varieties.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your favourite blooms into your wedding (beyond the bouquets, of course!), then a great idea is to include flowers on your wedding cake. You can choose to adorn your cake with the same roses that are the centrepiece of your bouquet. Or, use artificial versions for easy removal when it comes time to serve the cake. You can even have dainty flowers made of icing to tie in with your floral theme!

Flowers can be placed on the top of each tier of your cake, applied to the sides or act as the crowning glory and be placed on the very top of the cake. Whatever you decide on, flowers can enhance the visual appeal of a wedding cake!


The Real Deal

Fresh, pretty flowers are a fabulous feature on a wedding cake. Also, using the same flower varieties as those used in your arrangements is a lovely way to celebrate your favourite flora.

A posy of pretty roses on each tier is a gorgeous flourish for a wedding cake. Also, grouping them together ensures there are parts of the cake that won’t come in contact with the flowers. Another option is to use the flowers as a garnish. You could have the petals scattered over the cake (edible varieties are essential in this instance) or place some petals on the side of each serving.

Select your flowers carefully, though. It’s best to only use edible flowers on your cake, even if they are only for decoration. There are plenty of edible varieties to choose from. Including hibiscus, gardenia and violets. Whatever flower/s you choose, it’s important they are safe for consumption. Just in case any part of the flower ends up transferring to the cake. Another concern is allergies, so make sure some of the cake is flower-free so that any guests with hayfever or any other allergy concerns can have a piece of cake without worrying about a reaction.


A key consideration to having real flowers on your wedding cake is the longevity of the varieties you choose. Plus, the length of time they will look their best. Your cake maker will be able to assist you and advise how long the flowers will last. Which can be a concern on a particularly hot day. Your cake maker will also be able to provide advice regarding the preservation of the flowers. It’s likely you’ll need to keep the cake refrigerated not only to keep the ingredients fresh but also to maintain the freshness of the flowers.

Lastly, make sure you check well in advance that the flowers you want will be in season during your wedding. This is essential when you’re planning your bouquet, but also keep it in mind if you’re planning to have real flowers on your cake.


Sweet Temptation

Confectionary flowers are a sweet addition to a wedding cake. Often intricately designed, fondant or icing flowers can be large or small, and can be created to match the real flowers used throughout your wedding. Plus, if a flower you love is not in season during your wedding, you don’t have to miss out! Having confectionary flowers on your cake is the perfect way to incorporate your most-loved blossoms into your wedding.

Not only pretty to look at, fondant or icing flowers can also add special meaning to your wedding cake. If you’re looking for inspiration, a great place to start is by checking out the royal wedding cake. The eight-tiered masterpiece cake that featured at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was adorned with a staggering 900 sugar-paste flowers of all shapes and sizes. Among the flowers created for the cake were white roses (a patriotic English inclusion), lavender (for love and devotion), ivy (for wedded love), bridal roses (for love and happiness) and orange blossom (for eternal love).


Confectionary flowers are also versatile! You can have as few or as many as you wish, in as many styles and sizes as you want. Plus, they generally won’t need any special care. In most cases, you can simply refrigerate the cake without having to worry about any accessories on the cake wilting.

If you want to meet in the middle, you can have sugar-coated rose petals on your cake. A combination of real flowers and confectionery, they truly offer the best of both worlds! Sugar-coated rose petals are achieved using a fairly simple technique, yet they are perfect for adorning wedding cakes. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they’re absolutely delicious. They will also add a refined, elegant touch to your wedding cake. These floweres also perfectly complement any real or artificial roses featured on your cake. They are sure to be a hit with your guests!

Faux Flowers

The simplest way to feature flowers on your cake is to use faux flowers. Silk flowers can be made to look like real flowers and can be applied to your cake without concerns over potential allergies or withering throughout the day. Plus, it won’t affect the taste of your cake.

Whether presented as a posy on each tier or simply used atop the cake, well-made silk flowers can offer the same aesthetic beauty as real flowers and can be removed prior to cutting the cake. They can then be retained as a keepsake of your wedding and cherished for a lifetime.


Flowers are a truly versatile accessory for a wedding cake. Whether real or made of silk, icing or fondant, flowers or flower petals will add a stylish touch to any cake. If you’re getting married in a church, on the beach or in a garden, there is sure to be a way to tastefully incorporate flowers into your wedding cake. So have a talk with your cake maker to find out what’s best for you.