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When it comes to decorating your wedding venue, it’s important that your choices reflect your style as a couple. Emma Phillips speaks to Marcus Prentice, partyologist and owner of Feel Good Events, about the unique and stylish ways couples can transform their reception space to suit their style.

Deciding on a theme or style for your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll make when you start planning your big day, but it can also be one of the most exciting! How can you transform your venue from a generic layout to something truly unique? Melbourne Wedding & Bride has the answers.

A Personal Touch

Choosing a colour scheme that represents you and your partner will help to make your wedding day personal and unique. After selecting your venue, you’ll then need to decide what theme you would like to adopt. With so many growing trends in the wedding industry, this can be a difficult decision to make, but Prentice says it all begins with working with the space you have. “You want to choose a colour scheme and theme that can enhance your event space,” he says. “Make sure your choices don’t clash with the venue.” There is a range of different products that can enhance your reception space, including room draping, bridal table backdrops, custom-made centrepieces, lounge areas and light-up dance floors all available from Fell Good Events.

Once you’ve selected a venue theme, you can then decide what colour scheme you would like to incorporate. Prentice says different colour combinations lend themselves best to different themes, so it’s important to have an idea about the ambience you’d like to create within the space. “Soft colours create a romantic feel, while vibrant colours create a fun atmosphere,” he says. “A bold colour choice will create a sense of drama for your day.”

Tailoring your colour scheme to your personality can make planning your wedding a lot easier, and once you’ve selected your colours, the rest of the decisions will start to fall into place.

Décor Dreaming

Decorations can create a fun and inviting atmosphere, and they’re a great way to inject some personality into your reception space. “Some popular trends this season are mirrored entrance signs and seating charts, white dance floors, floor decals, and pendant and festoon lighting,” says Prentice. “Wine barrels, trestle tables and bentwood seating are also still going strong.” When selecting your décor, make sure you choose items that will tie in with your theme and enhance your wedding style.

The Ultimate Transformation

Draping can add softness to any venue space, and it can be used throughout the whole room or simply as a feature behind the bridal table. Prentice believes that although the size of your venue is important, draping can make it look as large or as small as you wish. “If you’ve chosen a venue that is too big, draping can be used to make the space smaller and more intimate,” he says. “Draping is also perfect for covering areas of the venue that has features you don’t like.”

 Initial Feeling

Gobo projectors are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding; you can project your name or your initials onto the dance floor or walls of your reception. Another popular trend is to have custom-made decals created and placed on the dance floor. “Custom-made backdrops with your name and wedding date are also perfect as a photo backdrop,” says Prentice.

Enhance Your Day

Suspended décor is quickly becoming a favourite trend of the season as it instantly creates a unique and romantic atmosphere. Prentice says festoon and pendant lights are ideal for rustic weddings. Floral pendant lights can be replicated with seasonal flowers and warm lighting to create an elegant and lustrous effect.

Centre Of Attention

Whether you opt for seasonal flowers or romantic candles, table centrepieces are a fantastic way to make the space your own. Depending on the size of your tables, large centrepieces look exceptional, however smaller table arrangements are also extremely chic. “Most centrepieces will have a range of seasonal flowers, candles and an assortment of vases,” says Prentice. “Centrepieces can vary [in size], depending on your budget and wedding style.”

Getting Personal

When asked about his favourite wedding trend, Prentice says he prefers a cocktail-style affair. “More couples are opting for a relaxed approach when it comes to their wedding,” he says. “The cocktail-style wedding definitely works well for couples who want a party atmosphere to celebrate their big day. You can incorporate [a range of] styling products that will create a romantic feel, but with less formality.”

Prentice says the most popular trends in wedding décor are festoon and pendant lighting, colour lighting, white dance floors, room draping, various bridal table backdrops, wedding furniture and floral arrangements. The team at Feel Good Events take a personal approach to their wedding styling; they use ‘human behaviour’ to transform a reception space to suit the couple’s needs. “We stimulate the guests’ five senses in as many ways as possible,” says Prentice. “Choosing the right décor, lighting and entertainment to suit the couple’s wedding style will really enhance the whole experience, which is extremely important.”

Incorporating stylish wedding décor into your reception space is the perfect way to make the venue your own. From floral pendant lights, to stunning bridal table backdrops, there is a wide range of decorations available that will ensure your reception space truly reflects your style as a couple.