Facial Attraction – Beauty Tips for your Wedding Day

It’s a common misconception that getting a facial will lead to skin break-outs and irritation. The right facial can rejuvenate your skin and correct skin imperfections. To help you put your best face forward, Elena Papargiris looks at three popular skin treatments to ensure your skin is glowing on your special day.

 Facial Attraction- Tips for the perfect Wedding Day Skin

Youthful and radiant skin is something we all desire, and there is no better time to tackle the challenge of improving your skin than in the lead up to your wedding. When all eyes are on you, you’ll want to look your absolute best, and although makeup can work wonders, especially when applied by the hand of a trained professional, providing a clean and clear canvas will make a world of difference to the end result.

Aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with a good home skincare regime, it’s a great idea to treat your skin to specialised skin treatments to achieve optimum, visible results. Here are three popular treatments that more and more brides-to-be are trying before their big day.


Described as an instant facelift, microdermabrasion is a machine-assisted, non-invasive, progressive treatment that involves applying rough grains to the skin to buff away the surface layer and dead skin cells.

Microdermabrasion works on the outer-most layer of the skin that is commonly associated with wrinkle lines and blemishes. It is an intense exfoliating treatment resulting in increased cell turnover for radiant, evenly-toned skin.

This skin-rejuvenation treatment aims to improve acne-prone skin and works on the correction of all imperfections such as pigmentation, fine lines and signs of fatigue.

It relies on the combination of a fine grainy tip or in some cases, crystals, and a vacuum suction applied to the skin. The pressure and speed of the vacuum is adjusted depending on each individual skin type.

The treatment can last from anywhere between five to 60 minutes, depending on your skin. It is painless and should be repeated every two to four weeks for best results, depending on what is recommended by your skin technician.


Ultrasonic Skin Therapy 

Non-surgical and non-invasive, an ultrasonic face massager relies on ultrasound waves that safely penetrate through the skin’s layers and bodily tissues to tone, lift and improve skin elasticity.

The treatment works by utilising ultrasound energy to stimulate the structural support layers of the skin, without disturbing the surface. Unlike microdermabrasion that works on the surface, ultrasonic skin treatments target the deeper layers of the skin.

To enhance the soundwaves produced by the ultrasound wand, a water-based gel is first applied to the skin to boost greater conductivity; the gel also penetrates the skin. For this reason, technicians usually use gels containing skin-firming ingredients.

Typically a 30 to 60 minute procedure, the benefits of the treatment will build over time. Your skin will look and feel firmer and tighter thanks to the advanced production of collagen and increased blood flow. The treatment also aims to improve acne, discoloration and general skin clarity.

A favoured facial, it is a gentle, unique feeling as the ultrasound wand is pressed against the skin and moved around in small circular motions by the technician. It is highly relaxing, so prepare to unwind while your skin is being perfected.

Chemical Peels

Although the name might sound a little daunting, chemical peels work wonders to smooth the texture of the skin using gentle, skin-specialised chemical solutions to peel off dead skin cells and any other impurities found on the skin’s surface. This results in a new layer of rejuvenated skin rising to the surface that is smoother and finer.

A common favourite is the lactic acid peel. It exfoliates the skin and is super moisturising, stimulating the production of good oils to lock in your skin’s natural oils. It works best for people with dry skin and can be combined with a shot of vitamin A if you are prone to blemishes or skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn or cold sores.

There is virtually no irritation as the lactic acid peel works to exfoliate and deep-clean the pores to promote the softening of fine lines and result in fresh, plump, smooth skin. The sensation of the lactic acid peel on your face is a slight tingling feeling, however it is completely painless.

Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid – exfoliating acids which have long been used to delay skin ageing. Lactic acid is also used as a probiotic in acne-treatments, so will aid in improved skin clarity.


There are many types of chemical peels available, each targeted at different skin types or skin conditions. Each type of chemical peel varies in strength and is classified as superficial, medium or deep – according to the level of skin penetrated. The strength of the peel will determine the depth it will reach. Deeper peels may result in your skin becoming slightly irritated; however you will notice greater skin improvement.

Each chemical peel is similar in their ability to remove the top layer of the skin via exfoliation, improving sun-damaged skin, pigmentations and the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

Just a few of the many popular facial treatments available today, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic therapy and chemical peels are all brilliant ways to get your skin in pristine condition for your wedding day.

By treating yourself to a specialised facial treatment that is right for your skin at least once a month in the lead up to your wedding, you will reap the benefits of fresh, rejuvenated, glowing skin and will look and feel amazing on your big day.

IMAGE CREDIT: Dansk Photography