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Drip Haus

Drip Haus Vitamin Infusions

Wellness is more than just staying fit and eating healthy, it encompasses a complex balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body can function at its best. Drip Haus Vitamin Infusions aims to deliver a unique balance of vitamins and nutrients to improve your overall wellness and give you a boost of vitality. Coupling state-of-the-art intravenous vitamin and nutrient therapies with compassionate and personalised care, this treatment is designed to fit the unique requirements of your body. Drip Haus’ IV drip treatment will give your body a healthy dose of the nutrients it needs to carry you through your week with energy and positivity.

Designed as a preventative treatment to promote great health and boost energy levels, these IV drips can attend to any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies you may have. Through thorough physical and medical examinations, the medical professionals at Drip Haus will identify any underlying problems and tailor their approach to help you choose a suitable treatment.
Throughout your treatment, the friendly and compassionate team will check in to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable while the fluid enters your bloodstream. Whatever IV drip treatment you select, you can rest assured your body will receive the healthy dose of nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health.

The dedicated team at Drip Haus will ensure that you feel the best you’ve ever felt on your wedding day.



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Drip Haus Vitamin Infusions


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