If you’re looking for a unique touch to add to your special day, look no further than Carts and Containers. Available for hire for an engagement party, hens/bucks gatherings, kitchen tea, bridal shower or for your big day, Carts and Containers offers a range of catering options to suit your taste and budget. Choose from carts and containers that offer coffee, espresso martinis, dessert bars, lolly bars, cocktail bars, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, gelato and more!

Carts and Containers customise carts or containers to fit the look and feel of your wedding and tailor it to your specific requirements. All elements of the cart or container can be styled and branded to have customised signage, decorations and designs including balloons and flowers.

With close to 10 years’ experience catering for major events all over Australia, Carts and Containers bring their amazing skills, customer service, presentation and knowledge to make your wedding a day to remember!


Carts and Containers

Mobile: 0438 373 520
Email: info@cartsandcontainers.com.au
Website: www.cartsandcontainers.com.au