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Cakeistry Melbourne


Blending traditional styles with unique, contemporary trends and flavours, Cakeistry Melbourne offers a decadent range of artisan cakes and desserts. Baking from a young age, founder Alana Sanchez continues to explore her passion for producing beautiful and delectable creations by remaining current with the latest baking techniques and flavours.

Cakeistry Melbourne uses natural, fresh ingredients wherever possible to infuse rich flavours and aromas into each and every sweet morsel, giving the products the true-to-name end flavour results that the company’s clients have come to know and love. And paired with the fabulous artisan designs, these masterpiece creations are a delight for the senses.

From traditional to contemporary, and everything in between, Cakeistry Melbourne offers a truly bespoke wedding cake and dessert experience that will be the perfect accompaniment to your joyous celebration.




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Cakeistry Melbourne

Mobile: 0424 161 077
Email: orders@cakeistrymelbourne.com
Website: www.cakeistrymelbourne.com

Cakeistry Melbourne
Cakeistry Melbourne