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Bride Fit

Bride Fit

PERTH Health & Fitness

Bride Fit is run by a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer duo who have 35 years of combined experience transforming women’s lives.

With an emphasis on not only weight management but also body transformations, the fabulous program focusses on gut health, mind health and holistic living. Bride Fit uses vegan, clean and low-tox products to support a healthy lifestyle and teach sustainable practises that serve brides-to-be long after their initial goals are reached.

The dynamic duo are big foodies who are keen to show you how to find the fun in the journey to success.

Stop by the Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo to meet Britt and Sarah, and disucss shaping up and feeling your best for your big day




Bride Fit Logo


Bride Fit

Britt Hewitt
Mobile: 0408 517 617
Email: brittgroupfit@hotmail.com

Sarah Dudley
Mobile: 0422 507 855
Email: dudleys15@gmail.com

Bride Fit