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Bridal by Neeve

Bridal by Neeve

PERTH Bridal Fashion

Bridal by Neeve is the latest new addition to Perth’s bridal hub, Mount Hawthorn. Discover the groundbreaking collection of bridal suits and jumpsuits at the private showroom, carefully crafted to showcase brides’ true, authentic selves on their special day. 

Preloved and more alternative-styled wedding dresses are also on offer, all of which you can explore with the help of the company’s friendly team. Bridal by Neeve is dedicated to providing the best up-to-date fashion trends from Europe, supplying gowns by designers from all over the world.

Contact the team to book an appointment or stop by the next Wedding & Bridal Expo to find out more!




Bridal by Neeve


Bridal by Neeve

408 Oxford Street
Mount Hawthorn

Mobile: 0448 915 488
Email: hello@bridalbyneeve.com
Website: www.bridalbyneeve.com

Bridal by Neeve
Bridal by Neeve