Brendan and Sabrina

An acoustic duo, DJ and MC all-in-one, Brendan and Sabrina are the cheesy couple that sings to other couples on their wedding day, and they have all your entertainment needs covered from start to finish!

Most importantly, Brendan and Sabrina like to make sure your special day as memorable as possible and since every wedding is unique, make it all about you!

With a love for 80s, 90s, 00s classic pop, rock and old school RnB, Brendan and Sabrina are very flexible with song requests. The duo’s aim is to have one big fun night for you both and get everyone singing along and the dance floor pumping. Live music is included for the ceremony, pre-dinner drinks and first half of the reception. Then, once everyone has had an epic sing-along and loosened up for the dance floor, they let the DJ decks take over. Shoe game and inflatable instruments are also included or optional for lots more fun!

Gig dates, sample videos, testimonials and other awesome content can be found on Brendan and Sabrina’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


Brendan & Sabrina

Mobile: 0401 424 313
Email: brendansabrinamusic@outlook.com
Website: www.brendansabrinamusic.com

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Brendan and Sabrina
Brendan and Sabrina
Brendan and Sabrina