Wedding Suit


Black Tie Optional – The Wedding Suit  

While a black and white suit is classic, the groom’s suit, much like the wedding dress, is no longer required to follow the traditional rules. Bojana Lazarevska discovers the latest in wedding suit trends for the modern wedding.

Gone are the days when the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits included predictable attire. These days, we’re seeing an increase in bright pops of colour on ties, pocket squares, and suspenders. While the wedding suits themselves are also becoming more adventurous.



It’s easy to inject colour into your groom’s suit and brighten up your wedding. Whether you match the tie colour to that of the bridesmaids’ dresses or include a bright boutonniere, his wedding day ensemble can be as quirky and as individual as he is.

Colour is not restricted to just accessories, however. More and more suits nowadays are moving away from the standard black and navy styles.


The New Grey

When it comes to wedding suits, charcoal grey has become the new black. Nowadays, it has established itself as a firm staple in every man’s closet. Charcoal grey suits are often associated with business meetings. However, there is no reason why your groom should be reminded of work on one of the happiest days of his life! This is where the light grey suit steps in. It’s more relaxed and casual in appearance and is perfect for less formal morning or afternoon weddings.

A great way to make him feel like the man of the moment is to have the groom’s suit in a different shade to the other groomsmen. If the groomsmen are wearing dark grey suits, then have your husband-to-be wear a lighter one to stand out. Pairing a grey suit with a brown belt and shoes, and a tie in a light colour will perfectly complement the modern wedding.


Bright And Colourful

Don’t shy away from pastels or bold colours! Although navy and dark grey suits are becoming the norm, grooms still haven’t fully embraced the colourful suit trend. For a unique twist, opt for a pastel pink, burgundy, or bright blue wedding suit. This will really inject some personality into your wedding day!

To truly break with tradition, dress your groom in some colourful separates. If he’s really daring, he can try bright clashing colours like orange and pink. Or, for a more subtle look, pair a dark jacket with pastel pants.

Picking a colour that’s outside the sphere of black or grey will make a fun statement, however, this is a very fashion-forward choice so be sure you’re both comfortable with the look and your future husband still feels (and looks) like his best self. Bright and colourful suits will best complement an outdoor summer wedding.



If you’re not keen on making a big colourful statement with your groom’s suit, then perhaps just accents of colour in the detailing will help to brighten it up. Or, if you want to go all out, pair a colourful suit with bright accessories to really make heads turn.



Boutonnieres have always traditionally been worn by the groom and groomsmen. Although some may see this classic accessory as out-dated, boutonnieres have taken a creative turn in recent years and are a great way to inject character into your man’s attire.

A bright pink floral boutonniere looks striking against a black or grey wedding suit and is especially effective if the bride or bridesmaids are also wearing something pink. Floral boutonnieres come in many colours and sizes, so you can be as extravagant or subtle as you want. For a unified look, you can have your groom’s boutonniere designed to match your bouquet, if you wish.

Your boutonniere can also be any object that is personal to you and your husband-to-be – for example pinning a cut-out of a bike on his lapel if you both love to cycle, a family heirloom, or even an action figure!



The classic bow tie has had a bit of a revamp over the last few years. It is starting to look a lot more exciting than the original black satin accessory that is often reserved for more formal evenings.

The modern bow tie now comes in a range of patterns and colours. It’s a great way to inject some fun into your groom’s suit! Because they’re small, you can feel free to be as creative and extravagant as you want. So look for bright colours and intricate patterns to really make them pop.

Likewise, ties are also taking a more imaginative turn and can be easily found in colourful hues or interesting patterns. For an added wow factor, match a bright tie colour to suspenders or socks.



A great way to add a unique twist to your ensemble is to veer away from the traditional shiny black shoe. We’ve already mentioned that tan or brown brogues look fantastic in a less formal setting. However, so do boat shoes and even sneakers! Most styles now come in many options that don’t look as casual as you may expect. Therefore, will suit a wedding with a more relaxed vibe.

If that is too daring for you, then consider investing in some bright socks for the groom party. this will add a glorious touch of colour to your wedding any time they make an appearance from under the suit.



If bright colours aren’t your thing, you can still spice up the classic suit by choosing to wear one in a pattern.

Perfectly suited to a country wedding, the tweed jacket will smarten up any suit. Not to mention make your man look like a dapper English gentleman! Herringbone and plaids will also give the groom’s suit a timeless, old-fashioned glamour. While the statement-making tartan will suit any wedding with a Scottish influence.
When opting for an intricate pattern, keeping the rest of the detailing simple should avoid the look becoming too busy. Otherwise, choose clashing patterns for your groom’s vest, jacket and tie for a mismatched look that’s right on-trend.

There are so many choices for the contemporary groom, so they should never feel limited in their options. If you’re not having a very traditional wedding and the rest of your décor is fun, there is no reason why his wedding suit shouldn’t be too!