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A Moveable Feast Catering

PERTH Wedding Catering

A Moveable Feast Catering offers fresh, creative and delicious dining options to suit any event.  As experienced event managers, the team understands how food fits into the bigger picture of your reception. Possessing a special facility licence and a large range of curated high-quality equipment, they can achieve this vision without you having to lift a finger.

Three core values – collaboration, integrity and flavour – are the basis of A Moveable Feast’s tailored, open and honest pricing. Quotes are further tailored through meetings where clients’ vision, budget and dietary needs are discussed. Each unique menu is then designed rather than asking clients to choose from set pricing and packages. A Moveable Feast Catering ensures that dreams are realised with an event full of personality.




A Moveable Feast Catering


A Moveable Feast Catering

Tel: (08) 9279 9225
Email: hello@amfcp.com.au
Website: www.amfcp.com.au